Amount of ram easy question!

3 Jul 2006
St. Neots
Right, I am having a blonde moment and want to check this!
Mate has a Dell Inspiron 1300 with XP Home and 256MB ram :eek:

Its running like a dog so he asked me to look at it. Had about 13 apps running at startup and so much dross Bross would feel at home! (Showing my age there!)

I tried to reinstalled it with XP Pro but it kept crashing so uninstalled all the crap and got all the updates sorted. Also unloaded AVG Free antivirus pants and put NOD32 on it.

He was well happy as start up time to being able to use it went from 10mins to about 3mins!

I then checked Task Manager and the system is using 280MB of ram so I suspect its wrinting loads to the hard drive.

So, we have ordered him 1GB! Its a bit over kill but he should see a decent improvement right?

Silly question but I like to check when I am feeling like this!

Cheers guys
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