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Amsterdam or Bruges?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shifty_uk, 24 Aug 2013.

  1. Voltar


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  2. Hades


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    There is far more to do in Amsterdam but Bruges is prettier. So it depends on what you both want out of the trip... just sightseeing, enjoying each others company, and a few cafes if say Bruges. But when I went about 10 years ago the night life was very quiet.

    Amsterdam is still pretty in the day and has a lot to do bith day and night.
  3. andrewdodd13


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    Location: Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is fine as long as you avoid the really touristy areas. I live on a main road about 500m away from the Red Light District, and honestly I never have any problems outside. Even with the RLD, if you can sidestep the drunk British tourists, then you won't have any issues - you'll just get ripped off.

    That said, the locals are telling me that we're now reaching the end of the nice weather and it'll start getting miserable soon.
  4. Hive

    Wise Guy

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    Amsterdam is pretty surreal. Seeing hundreds of guys going window shopping for women was weird. Some of them were total stunners to be fair :D

    The place was brilliantly policed though. Police would wallop a trouble maker and suddenly entire crowds leaving the clubs at closing time were on their best behaviour ;)
  5. mjt


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    Two cities for the price of one. You can go to or from Bruges included in the Eurostar ticket.

    Brussels is really nice but you need to know where to go and what to see.
    Let me know if you need some recommendations.
  6. Grimley


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    So have I, at Xmas time when the Markets are on. Last time I went was 3 years ago, It gets busy & you have to beware of Pickpockets. Eating in the town square is not cheap. Here's a pic. :)

  7. nantucket66

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    Bruges.......that's where daddy's from
  8. Sunbed


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    I remember it being OK. We actually stayed in Ghent and travelled around to various places (Bruges, Antwerp, Brussels) from there. I'd recommend a stop in Ghent if you have time. I actually preferred the old city in Ghent over Bruges. Both are nice places though, you will enjoy it!
  9. J.B


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    We spent 3days in Bruge and 3 in Amsterdam. Got the train from Belgium to Holland was really easy. personally I prefer Bruge, especially for a romantic getaway. Such a beautiful place although there aren't many attractions so much as just a nice city to walk around.
    If you end up going to Amsterdam I recommend the Lloyd Hotel
  10. Lysander


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    Only go to the Red Light District if your gf is hot. The quality of women there is so high you'll feel like straying otherwise.

    If you want a relaxing city break do not go to Amsterdam though, it's full of idiots.
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