Android Navigation/Locations Issue DHD

8 Jun 2008
Evening people,

I've looked around on the android forums and I thought I'd found the solution. Apparently not and having nowhere else to turn I thought I'd give this knowledge base a shot.

It started out with my phone always defaulting to loudspeaker when answering or making a call. An annoyance at the least but i made do and looked for answers in my spare time. Now the phone has started to try and load navigation every 5 or so minutes, making it a real pain to use as it closes any open app i'm using.

Earlier today I read that the micro usb can get dirty, causing the phone to think its in a car docking device. So away i went gently cleaning port (Which was filthy) with a cocktail stick (I didn't put any strain on the connectors, just grab the bits of fluff) and grabbed a can of compressed air from maplins earlier this afternoon. IT WORKED. And i was care free, for all about 2 hours. Blowing out the port seems to clear the error for a while. Then it comes back :confused:

Advice would be greatly appreciated, i don't know where to go from now.