Animated GIFs that work on the forum?

15 Sep 2008
I've created an animated gif from a video (using DaVinci Resolve 19) and hosted it on OneDrive, to post on my project log but when testing it only shows as the first static image.

Does this forum allow animated gifs and if so, is there anything special I should be doing so that it works?

Or is it pointless and should just host it on a video site and share it that way?
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Onedrive doesn't let you hotlink to single media files like GIFs, Google Drive doesn't either. You have to use a service that does like IMGur which is where I upload all my GIFs to then share the direct link posted as an image here.

IMGur will convert it to an mp4 video, if you right click it and copy the link to the video, just change the extension to .gif and it will play the gif instead.
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