Any Alternatives I should consider?

25 Jan 2007
King's Lynn
I'm getting ready to upgrade my network hardware as well mine are getting old and are still on 802.11g which is no good really lol

I've currently got a zyxel p2602hw, which was a good quality soho router (built in adsl modem and voip ports) when I bought it and still is albeit with slow wifi.

This wirelessly connects to a zyxel g570s wireless access point (10/100) which is plugged into my network's switch (10/100/1000) so that all my devices can connect to the net etc.

I want to keep the same idea and seeing as zyxel are basically no longer doing anything that really suits my needs I've gone and looked at draytek, knowing they've got a very good rep etc.

What I am looking at doing is getting the below to replace them and am curious to see if I've missed any possible alternatives etc which could a) save me money or b) give me a better buy.

Router: Draytek 2850Vn - I don't need the voip ports at the moment due to the gigaset phone I've got but for the sake of 30 quid over the 'n' model I'll have the ports just in case. Prefer this over the lower models due to the multiple ssd support, will set up a 'visitor web access separate from home network.

Access Point/Bridge/Client (whatever you like to call it): Draytek AP800 although would have preferred gigabit connections on the router part.

So I looked around and came up with the edimax BR-6475nD (or the BR-6675nD) in the right mode and the Trendnet TEW-680MB but have had no real experience with them so don't know if they're worth the money.
The extra lan ports are quite handy as they'll save me needing a bigger switch and would prefer a built in switch if possibleSo any suggestions/opinions etcAs a side note I don't really need 5ghz 802.11n as I'd need to use 2.4ghz anyways due to my samsungs wifi adapter only working on 2.4ghz.
I'm also willing to use openwrt etc

Thanks in advance :)
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