any chinese users/traders here (guanxi)

30 Sep 2009
to cut a long story short, i'm trying to figure out how chinese negotiate in business on price.

i am a little naive on this and all i know from past experience is that germans have one price, indians tend to have a high price that is negotiated down but i have no idea about how the chinese work and after a little research i have come across 'guanxi'

Guanxi (Personal Connections)
While Americans put a premium on networking, information, and institutions, the Chinese place a premium on individuals' social capital within their group of friends, relatives, and close associates.

can anyone expand on guanxi please as i'm fearful of getting the wrong end of the stick and blowing any negotiating (although i am not at that stage atm) but it is something i would like to know a little more about as the last thing i would want to do is offend my supplier and ruin relations.

is negotiating through e-mail a complete waste of time with chinese suppliers?
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