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Anybody know how to deal with a PIP assessor caught lying and falsifying

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ethan, 17 Mar 2020.

  1. Mcnumpty2323


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    My partner had a home assessment
    Woman sneakily turned up an hour early
    My partner was still in pyjamas
    Looked like just fell out of bed and dragged through a hedge backwards

    Report said applicant was appropriately dressed
    And of a kempt appearance

    Report also stated if I helped my partner in and out of the bath she could bathe herself
    Yet we have an adapted bathroom with grab rails, drop rails etc
    And most importantly a walk in shower
    With a seat
    That allows enough room for a zimmer frame in it too
    And NO bath whatsoever
    Assessor did a full inspection of the room at my insistence to make sure she saw all the disability aids in there

    And assessor just blatantly lied over the can you do the raise your arms so high etc part of it she asked for 2 exercises
    Yet said my partner was capable of all the other movement even though
    She wasn't asked to do them

    I submitted a letter from my partners long term gp which basically got ignored
    Submitted over 200 pages of medical
    Records that her surgery printed off
    Only charged £10 for doing it

    And still my partner got her points reduced to the bare minimum much to her GPS utter disbelief
    Asked for mandatory reconsideration
    Submitted an even stronger supporting gp letter and some more mri scans
    Mandatory reconsideration was turned down
    So appealed which took 18 long stressful months to get to tribunal
    The tribunal didn't even last 10 minutes
    They said was absolutely no reason for the ATOS decision and it was totally
    Clear cut they had reduced her points
    For no valid reason
    Other than confirm her name etc my partner didn't even have to submit an argument

    My partner was going to just concede defeat many times during those 18 months waiting for tribunal
    I wonder how many others get stressed/depressed/anxiety and just throw the towel in?

    All I can say is if you truly believe you are entitled then tough it out don't let them beat you
    The success rate at tribunal is very high
    Though so is the stress waiting for it
  2. djshauny1


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    Email your MP and tell them everything. It should sort it. Especially if you have evidence to send along with it.
  3. ethan


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    Local MP isn't interested in assisting. Tried previously when I told him I was going to email him into the complaint. He mailed back, asking what the matter was about and then never responded after that. I'm wondering whether it would be possible to choose an MP from a different area?
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  4. Ali195

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    Capita? Dear God they're absolutely the worst outsourcing company I have ever seen. Dixons/DGi had to cancel a multi year contract with them back in 2000's because the after sales warranty support was a slow car crash of incompetence.
    Basically, they cannot cope with complex issues that require independent thought & multiple outcomes but instead strive to script to a predetermined outcome they want. Resulting in a costly **** show the company or Gov hiring them have to cancel (I expect Capita get most of the ££ regardless).
  5. TheOracle


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    They all do this as they have targets to hit

    Pretty much everyone has to appeal
  6. Martynt74


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    Just to note that we haven't (so far).

    My wife started claiming in around 2016 and then we had a recheck a few months ago. It was a bit of a painful interview as things just kept getting repeated and it took around 2 hours and my wifes fatigue was clearly kicking in after the half way point.