Anyone in the car insurance industry?

6 Nov 2002
This thread has come up on another forum, I know that some of you do/have worked with car insurance companies before. Could you explain what would happen?

Let's assume you've been with the same insurer since you began driving. Let's also assume that over the years you've had a few speeding tickets, but you didn't tell your insurer about them.

You recently discovered that it was your responsibility to notify the insurer about any points on your license and have started worrying that if you call them up and say that you've got points going back a few years which you neglected to mention then they'll charge you lots of money, or cancel your insurance or worse.

The simple solution seems to be to switch companies and make sure you tell the new company but you're actually really happy with your existing company and would like to stay, if possible.

What should you do?

PS there haven't been any claims which were your fault in the whole time you've been with them.

It's not me before anyone moans :p
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