Anyone know anything about Mitsubishi Colts

1 Nov 2003
Lisbon, Portugal

GF is looking at a convertible one of these, the 1.5L Turbo 150bhp version.

Things that attract her are:

1) Her Aunt has had one for a year or two and its been seemingly bullet proof (however, I have no idea how many miles said aunt does)

2) It's good on fuel - 50mpg on a motorway run

3) Its 'pretty'

Now, bearing in mind we are working with female logic here does anyone know of any common faults, or things to look out for in these cars? The shape would be whatever one the 2007 model is, this shape.


Fortunately, she is a reasonably logical person when it comes to things like this, so if there is a particular reason to avoid this car, she will see sense, and walk away from the idea.

On the flip side of the coin, what alternatives are suggested? Requirements are:

  • No bigger than a hatchback
  • bomb proof reliability, she doesn't want it to throw big bills or have high running costs
  • good motorway mpg's - plus being comfortable on a motorway...3 guesses where she does most of her driving?
  • Not 'too' old - shes upgrading from a late 80's Nissan Proton and loves my car, so she wants some creature comforts
  • A/C is a must for her, CC if possible
  • Doesn't like Ford Focus' idea why, just female logic.

Budget is 5k, no more.

Thanks in advance!
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