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Anyone with knowledge on vertical radiator brands?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by The_Arbiter, 13 Sep 2021.

  1. The_Arbiter

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    Just wondering if anyone knows any brands or anything i should specifically look at? On Screwfix i've seen a Ximax and Ignite, but there's little information regarding general quality. The Ignite is aluminium with lower ratings, but don't know if that's cause it's aluminium and how the BTU is measured vs steel? I see Kudox brand offering 20yr guarantee for cheap prices, even in ali, this leaves me confused. But i guess most guarantees aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Am looking in the £200 to £350 price range.

    After around 1500/1600 height, around 400/500 wide. It's for the kitchen and is 4800 x 2400, with the rad in the middle of the short wall. Been told to look for something around 4600 BTU 1350W. That means little to me, but only can presume it's given based off room size and position. I am not fitting it by the way.
  2. norm


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    I think the majority of people buy them on the basis of looks, they are likely all manufactured at the same few factories but rebranded later on.

    I think it's better to over spec the BTU capacity that way you ensure it's sufficient for the space plus it'll heat the room faster. So rather than get a single panel you can get a double which has elements front and back, makes it slightly deeper size wise though.
  3. {SAS}TB


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    Try radiator outlet

    I bought two of these and very happy with the quality and the looks


    Bigger and higher BTU than you need but better to over than under spec

    Take a look at the size your after and the BTU will be under the "more info"

    There will be a single and double panel and likely flat or oval - each will have differing BTU

    Also check with your plumber which valve set / kit you need and order them at the same time
  4. JRJ

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    Also bought two very similar radiators from here, considerably cheaper than identical radiators on larger bathroom sites.