Aorus x570 motherboard gfx card compatability

25 Nov 2019
I have an Aorus X570 ultra (3900x), which will not recognise a Vega 56 Graphics card, hence no display. The board and card I bought in California, so no returns are realistically possible (uk resident). The Motherboard works very well with other old Gfx cards, and the Vega 56 seems to work well on the two other old computers I have tried it on.

I have been in touch with Gigabyte service who basically say the board works on a vega 64, but they dont have a vega 56 to test it on.

I have tried all the obvious stuff like bios updates but am getting nowhere.

1. I would like to get them to work together if at all possible.

2. If not 1 then I will sell the vega 56 (inc unused game codes), and buy another gfx card. Im reallly looking for a card which will display two monitors using display port. Is there a compatibility list for the Aorus ultra x570 motherboard ?

Any help much appreciated.

Best Regards

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