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Apex Legends BR

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Smok3y, 2 Feb 2019.

  1. labbby

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    Yeah it's crazy. I normally cant stand BR games but its pretty fun.

    What im shocked is the amount of people on my origins friends list that are playing it and playing it for stupidly long hours.

    I think at some point they will need to visit the Apex drying out clinic.

    I am really happy respawn have finally got a win. The Titanfall's were amazing games that didn't get the marketing they should have. Fingers crossed this will give them good financials and artistic freedoms from EA. That way we may get an amazing Titanfall 3 (fingers crossed with a great campaign with co op).
  2. Oblivion007


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    I think the lack of hype - given its straight release has really helped this game. They've lowered the potential for disappointment. No pre-orders, no 12 month wait for release, etc
  3. bJN


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    Preorder? On a free to play game? I've seen it all now ;) :p
  4. Dup


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    Dropped my mouse sensitivity down low like I would use for CS:GO and it's much more enjoyable. I noticed I was over egging my aim even up close with the Peacekeeper. I like running with the Wingman too. I'm still pretty terrible mind you.

    Well that's the thing, it could easily have been a £20 game and still charge for battle passes etc if they wanted to. We're lucky it's FTP and a very sustainable model also.

    This kind of system works for R*. They don't give you anything until the last minute, until they know they have something to deliver. Devs benefit too, sure there's release pressure behind closed doors however there's less pre-release negative press which must make life still working on a game demoralising for some. That said, sometimes it's necessary but you'd hope devs would know what they're doing these days.
  5. LiE


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    Played my first few games of this and was face rolled. One game I couldn't find any weapons for a good 5 minutes. Then there is even knowing which weapons are good or how they behave.
  6. chroniclard


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    Similar to me, just ran round grabbing everything, ended up with far too much stuff/no space/no idea what stuff did. :p

    Wish there was a playground mode.
  7. Mark1989


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    Actually had a good game with random, finished 2nd one kill but was fun
  8. Drollic


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    Watched some of the twitch tournament late last night. Both shroud and dizzy are unbelievably good to the point they make good players look very average. Some of the wingman shots many players simply couldn't hit even if they had numerous attempts. The tracking of aim against people sprinting for cover including slides is near on robotic at times. In some ways it's more impressive than the cs or quake games aim wise simply due to the vast distances at which some of the shots are hit.
  9. Tombstone


    Joined: 17 Aug 2007

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    You can try out almost all of the weapons in the tutorial. Nobody to shoot at of course but you can at least get an idea of how each weapon handles.
  10. Omaeka


    Joined: 10 Apr 2012

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    Look out for the big shotgun 'Peacemaker' it's completely broken and is damn near a 1 shot kill with a good barrel extension mod. It's really really cheap but I've taken to combining a Peacemaker point blank shot with a melee attack Halo style and it drops just about anyone instantly.
  11. Soviet

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    My optimum loadout right now consists of Peacemaker for CQB and a Devotion or Flatline for medium range.
  12. GBRusty

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    Currently not at my computer... can I select the tutorial at any time?
  13. ceaton88

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    My game just went through an 860 MB update, can't find any release notes at the mo
  14. booyaka


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    I like spitfire with extend mag/or R301 plus peacemaker
  15. Kelt


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    I suppose I can understand watching Twitch to get a view of a game, but throwing your hard earned at people playing a game?

  16. Tombstone


    Joined: 17 Aug 2007

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    Yeah, anytime you want
  17. Tombstone


    Joined: 17 Aug 2007

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    As I have an Amazon Prime account, I get one free Twitch subscription that I can give to a twitch streamer, I use that subscription on Cohhcarnage. Doesn't cost me anything and gives him a little something for his time. But yeah, I wouldn't actually put my hand in my pocket and pay out to a streamer.
  18. Mark1989


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    I like the spitfire gun myself, I also got longbow too which worked quite well up close :)
  19. Wiiispa


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    Update just dropped...
  20. Zbornak

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    Joined: 12 Jan 2010

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    The release notes are in that link! Unless they added them after you posted.