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Apple Apps Store makes Loot box odds a mandatory reveal

Discussion in 'Mobile and Tablet Games' started by x-st, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. x-st

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    Saw this on BBC Teletext this morning and didn't see any other topics discussing it. I'm also surprised that Apple has beaten everyone else to the punch in doing something. From Ars Technica -

    More at Ars Technica

    Good on them. Hopefully this marks the start of the loot box revolution!
  2. Transcisite


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    I'm very glad that at least something is being done.

    I have played online games for a long time, but once I realized that I would have to buy loot boxes, card packs, randomized crates for the rest of my life to stay competitive while having a life, I simply stopped playing MMOs altogether. :o

    In my personal opinion randomized pay 2 play BS needs to gotten rid of entirely before I even consider playing another online game. :mad: Players are getting banned for trading accounts or using mods, but the developers can get away with running a casino for 12 year old children.

    The year of the loot box