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Apple v Epic...ding ding round 1

Discussion in 'Mobile and Tablet Games' started by hyperseven, 13 Aug 2020.

  1. lsg1r


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    To be fair Tile and Spotify (amongst others) have been complaining about Apple store policies being anticompetitive long before epic got involved.... EU level complaints etc and involved in the current US congress stuff.

    To be open on this, I'm actually more on the side of the 'others' than I am apple, in a closed ecosystem such as the iPhone with only one marketplace with ALL actions having to go through Apple I don't believe the market should be a source of revenue for Apple (iirc they even said that it would be 'non profit' on release). Not to mention charging fee's and making them jump through hoops when they're directly competing hardware/software such as tile/spotify where Apple can just price theirs lower due to no 30% and have full integration etc is pretty shady imo.

    Not even sure why they're going for info from steam when the entire PC ecosystem is different to the iPhones....multiple stores, alternative ways to install etc. Game consoles usually subsidise the cost of the console via future game sales, so not the same as Apple that makes huge profits on the iPhone when they sell it.

    I don't disagree with a fee for a transaction but a general transaction fee through a bank is around 5% iirc, it's nowhere near 30% that's for sure.
  2. GodAtum

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    I am on the side of Apple, it's their playground so they should set the rules.
  3. PikeyPriest

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    I agree to a certain extent, but equally the apps and the relationship between the app company and consumer is separate. Yet Apple stops any communication that could encourage you to purchase your subscription outside the App Store. So no offers that save money and divert you to their website..etc are allowed.

    It is bonkers that my strava account started from the website has no fee to use the app paid to Apple, but if I were to remake an account via the app they take a 30% fee for all payments. That imbalance does not make sense and it becomes anti competition as Apple have software that directly compete is several of those areas. How does it make a fair competition when Spotify has to pay Apple 30% or their iOS account income to compete against an app that takes that money and doesn’t pay a fee?