** Aqua Computer Cuplex HD Core i7 (Socket 1366) **

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8 Sep 2003
150 yds from OcUK
Aqua Computer Cuplex HD Core i7 (Socket 1366)


Like the cuplex XT di, the new cuplex hd CPU waterblock features the well proven "double impact" design combined with a even further optimized flow resistance to comply with the demands of high flow water cooling systems. The cooler is divided into two cooling units that are sequentially passed by the cooling fluid and the fluid is accelerated towards the pin structure of the copper bottom part of the cooler twice - hence the name "double impact". The effective flow rate is nearly doubled by this concept, the area covered by the pin structure is significantly increased while the flow resistance is not noteworthy increased. The cuplex hd is the perfect match to current dual and quad core processors but can also be used for all other processor types.

As the cuplex XT di, the cuplex hd is a high end and high performance watercooler manufactured with nozzle-cooling technology. The bottom is made out of highly pure copper and has an optimized pin structure which covers a large area. Accelerated via the first sets of nozzles integrated into the middle section made of Delrin, the water is led onto the first area of pins of the copper bottom. The water then is redirected to the second set of nozzles and again accelerated towards the second area of pins of the copper bottom before being led to the outlet of the cooler. The connection threads are manufactured in G 1/4".

This cooler has an outstanding cooling capacity used on multi core processors as well as on traditional single core CPUs. The cooler is planned for use with pumps of the type Aquastream and 1046, more powerful pumps are not required and only effect a slight enhancement of the cooling capacity.

- Socket 1366 - i7 (Intel® Socket T Prescott-style LGA) via the 4-holes through the motherboard.

Only £42.99 inc VAT.

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