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Are the Powercolor Red Devils 5700XT's coming in today?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Jimbo, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Ross Thomson


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  2. subbytna


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    A mid range card now £530? #It's beginning to look a lot like christm...NVIDIA#

    Mid range cards used to be £300 ish
  3. ljt


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  4. Darujhistan


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    Correct. Cards are always cheaper elsewhere.
  5. BlueberryPie


    Joined: Sep 1, 2019

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    Yea it isn't AMD. Though that is the limited Edition one, although S*** had it at like £20-£30 more than the non limited edition i believe they have sold out now, and is probably why it's now more expensive on here as they will be harder to get if they can get them at all anymore.

    Their price of the non limited Edition version is about inline with what i have seen elsewhere:


    But yea please check the details, as most of these posts albeit accurate to a degree are also misleading.
  6. eeii


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    That special edition gets you a usb mouse mat and a sticker. Make your own mind up if you think it is worth it.
  7. imginy


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    It was £10 for the mouse mat version i think
  8. BlueberryPie


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    £10 more isn't worth it if you already have a decent setup.