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Are we seeing a decline in cinemas yet?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shifty_uk, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Rroff

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    Sacrificing a room is one thing but a decent home cinema doesn't have to be all that expensive - my old setup spent about £500 decorating, £800 on the projector, £100 on the screen and about the same again on seats and sound system albeit got some EOL deals.

    EDIT: Originally spent loads on the sound system but didn't end up worth it and already had a media PC setup.
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  2. Kamerad


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  3. richthomuk

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    You cant blame them for charging that much on snacks etc, its more the fault of the film studios than the cinemas (or the cinemas not standing up to the studios, how ever you want to look at it). A huge chain can demand a higher percentage of money from ticket sales, especially after the opening weekend, than the smaller cinemas but its still pretty small amount when you take in the running costs of a cinema. Generally if the film flops or is over budget its the cinemas that take the weight of the losses rather than the film studio.

    Popcorn and Ads are pretty much the only place they make money, either that or sell off space to Starbucks and arcade machines.
  4. VincentHanna


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    Same here, limitless is great.

    We always pop to the local shop before I go the cinema for drinks and snacka. Never bought any concessions from the odeon as they are a complete rip off.
  5. Punt

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    Cineworld Unlimited card for me, just been upgraded to the the Premium black card, guess I can't go back now! ;)

    Usually go three to four times a month so it sort of pays for itself but if I didn't have the card I probably wouildn't go at all, so maybe not?? I like to go by myself for some quiet me time :)

    Cinema is next door to a huge Asda so I stock up on snacks and drinks in there.
  6. darkgen


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    I generally only go to watch films worthy of the big screen and then normally on my own; I'm there to watch a spectacle, not engage in social interactions. I tend to get a seat in the gallery or premium seating area where unlimited coffee and snacks are offered; I decline both.
  7. Bonjour


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    Going to see Rogue 1 in Kuala Lumpur tonight for approx. £4. It's £2 if you go before 6.
  8. Scam


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    Disney made £6bn at the box office this year, Universal made over that last year. So no. I think we're in a good place where people are happy to pay to go to a decent cinema like picturehouse, have a drink before etc. Rather than putting up with the bad chains that don't try. That might be a London thing though.
  9. ZeroG


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    I still go to the cinema roughly about once every month or two, depending on what films are out. I like to go early in the morning when there are few people about and there's nothing quite like watching a good film on a massive screen.

    I usually take my own food and drink in as anything at the cinema is really expensive.
  10. Feek


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    Easy to get caught out like that - I go to the pictures maybe two or three times a year and the time before last I went, there were no adverts, no trailers, it just went straight into the main film. I was utterly amazed. So were the people who turned up when the film had been running for twenty minutes.
  11. Duke

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    I go every few months for the bigger films but not during release week, so it's not too busy and don't buy snacks either (sure you can cope for a couple hours without it :p). Turn up few mins into the adverts too.
  12. Jokester


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    I try and go every week or two. Some films just work better on the big screen with a decent sound system.
  13. NexusK


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    If i could pay to watch Rogue One in my living room right now instead of going into Edinburgh on the train I would. I'm guessing that is the only reason we still have the months from cinema to bluray thing going on.
  14. Dis86


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    Had new cinemas open near me so no decline up here! Price of snacks is disgraceful though.
  15. esoteric

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    They do seem rather empty these days. I believe the Odeon in Portsmouth is now a Sainsbury's Local and the one in Cosham closed in 2007 and since got demolished.

    That leaves us with the Vue at Gunwharf Quays and an Odeon at Port Solent and I think it's a CineWorld at Chichester. Those are the only 3 I know.

    Though I'm happy enough to watch a film, it's the bother of going there I can do without.
  16. Quartz


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    I go about three times a month. I too like the early morning showing but I prefer the early afternoon showing.
  17. LOAM


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    We're spoilt for choice in Nottingham and they are opening another one in the broadmarsh redevelopment. Me and the missus used to go quite regularly but since the daughter arrived last November we've not been able to.

    Not sure its on the decline though is it, I thought numbers were up pretty much every year since it got over the shock of vcr.
  18. Participant


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    Meaningless unless normalised for real prices and cinema price changes.

    Bums on seats are the significant figure for the OP's question.

    My view is that UHD discs are currently so hilariously expensive that it brings the cinema back into contention for an evening out, but I mainly watched streamed stuff at home now and much of it is still 1080p.
  19. Bonjour


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    A slight stumble in the event of DVDs and then flat screen TVs, but pretty steady since.

    UK is a tiny fraction of the market. USA and China (along with the rest of Asia) are massive.

    That said, looks like the number of ticket sales in the states is in decline, even if box office continues to increase:


    No wonder they're increasingly targeting asian markets with films.
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  20. Tom0


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    About 10 - 15 years ago I started seeing the small Cinemas close around here.

    A big one opened and is now getting smaller. The irony.

    I think people still go and quite a lot but not as many as predicted.