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Are Youtube algorithms leading to a resurgence of the right?

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by VincentHanna, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. neckbeardthethird

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    Who said he was a Neo Nazi ? Hyperbolic much ? He's just a grifter. I don't consider him a 'danger' or anything ridiculous like that.
  2. BowdonUK


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    Well looking at the actual stats you're wrong. I typed in the names of the channels you mentioned in your post and quite clearly there are thousands more left leaning videos on youtube.

    If I include Rubin in the right leaning group, and also note there will be 4 left wing channels vs 3 right wing channels then the totals are;

    Right = 6.14M subscribers with 4,051 videos.
    Left = 6.65M subscribers with 71,167 videos.

    As you can see there is just over 17 times the amount of Left wing videos from this list on youtube yet for the subscriber per video ratio hardly anyone is subscribing. Without the TYT channel, that you rubbished, the subscriber count would have dropped to a third.

    Of course people will blame a Youtube algorithm rather than blaming themselves or the way they present the message. Nobody wants to hear an echo chamber talking shop. This is what the left gets for "no platforming" people. The average person doesn't want to watch a boring left wing rant. They want to see the clashing of ideas. They want to see people actually taking on government and challenging the establishment. I would have imagined at a time when there are right wing governments in both the US and UK, the Left should be making massive gains. But they aren't inspiring many people. They have fallen in to this reactionary mind set.

    For the record I'm subscribed to most of the channels in the list.
  3. neckbeardthethird

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    So basically the worst high profile lefty channel props up the amount of views ? sounds about right.

    It's a bit of a flawed analysis though given it's only 7 channels out of thousands and two of the channels (secular talk & packman) are more like daily 'news' shows than weekly 'debate' shows hence the huge amount of videos. There are lots of right wing channels that pump out videos at a ridiculous rate but they aren't in your analysis... it's probably a very hard thing to analyse accurately when you factor in all the variables.

    I can only base my views on mine and other peoples experiences of being a lefty but still getting bombarded with right wing related media via Youtube whilst barely getting any lefty content. I knew about the likes of Sargon, PJW, Molyneux etc long before channels such as Contrapoints existed. It's not like my view is uncommon, the right have long claimed they dominate on youtube and in my experience that's been entirely accurate although lefty youtube is slowly catching up it seems.

    I don't personally think its these big channels which initially turn a lot of young people to the right though. I think a part of it comes from people watching stuff like SJW cringe compilations etc where the comments section are just a giant feedback loop of kids/gamers crying about ********. These kids see some annoying blue haired woman screeching and rightfully come to the conclusion that she's an idiot.. they check the comments section, see everyone blaming 'liberals' and thus form the opinion that basically liberals are the problem. Then they get recommended similar videos and once again everyone is saying all liberals are cancer... they must be right, look how many people have pressed 'like' ! From then on they gradually get recommended more and more and can eventually end up down the rabbit hole.

    It sounds ridiculous but I know someone whose child has gone down that exact route as im sure others do, completely non political but then all of a sudden parroting far right talking points he's seen on Youtube.

    I don't believe this is happening on a huge scale as some do, but it's definitely a thing.

    I disagree although I wish I didn't. I believe an echo chamber is what most people who subscribe to these types of channels want as evidenced by the comment sections which are one giant echo chamber of anti left/right sentiment where everyone agrees with each other. Im sure there are people who are legitimately all about open debate but there are people like Rubin who are all about the grift and don't really want open debate unless its on their terms, those terms usually being 'not debating anyone who has criticised his views'.

    Do they though ? really ? Why are all these channels with boring right wing rants so popular ? Im of the view that if a video confirms peoples pre existing beliefs then chances are they will enjoy it to some degree, I find it hard to believe anyone is genuinely tuning into the Rubin Report for cutting edge debate and to have their views challenged.

    I agree that the opposition to right wing governments in both the UK and US are in a poor state and should theoretically be doing much better but I don't believe this is because they've fallen into a reactionary mindset, otherwise the right would be struggling the same given they are every bit as reactionary. Being a reactionary is not a left/right thing... both sides are guilty of it on a monumental scale, with people making good careers out of it.
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  4. Thecaferacer


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    Have a read if you actually want some real data and analysis. It's a long read so if you want the salient points:

    Centre and far right are normally lumped together when discussing this topic so Joe Rogan is often tied together with Richard Spenser.

    Right wingers generally challenge each other on views they disagree with, creating connections and links which fuels the right network of recommended views.

    Left wing views outnumber right, but right wingers have more channels, with a huge amount of left wing views coming from big leftist celebrities like Trevor Noah etc. The left celeb content was often left out of analysis.

    Polls have found that only 8% of the US public agree with left progressive ideology. A new category was created called the reactionary right. It was anyone who did not agree completely with left progressive views which basically encompassed the entire middle ground. This then fuelled views to right wing channels especially when those channels highlighted the worst of the lefts behaviour.

    When exposed to progressive left content most centre - centre right viewers became even more right wing.

    Anti-right studies offer no examples of what neutral content actually is which led to more of the line being drawn with centrist content being called right wing, calling podcasts like Joe Rogan harmful.

    The report praises left content like Contrapoints, Ezra Klein and Robert Wright as examples of left wing content creators who are willing to engage with the right in discussion, which is lacking elsewhere.
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  5. efish

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    Not read it but latest research on the subject ( radicalization on youtube). Not had a chance to read it but its referring to past research as a " Zombie bite" "infection model"

    So a critical revision I would assume.

    Full version here