ARGHH!! Bloody cars!!

17 Mar 2004
Market Drayton, Salop
christ, what a day.

My car started juddering whenever i made right hand turns and died completely when i pulled into my road. Managed to roll to my house. Supposed to be at work now :rolleyes: Car just turns over but doesnt start and theres no one on the Corrado forum that can help!

I could have taken the g/fs golf but she was out in Telford and her car just cut out as she was leaving the M54. She phoned the AA and one guy turned up. Seems that a temp thing has gone which has effected something else and maybe the ECU has gone. e couldnt take her to Shrewsbury VW as he couldnt tow her for some reason so she has had to wait for another AA van. Who is going to take her and her mum to Shrewsbury but wont be able to bring them back to Drayton so the AA is just abandoning 2 women, 25 miles from home on a sunday night!! Think i may be cancelling the membership and moving to another recovery firm.

/rant over!!

So on top of a new house to pay for, ive got my car with a unknown problem and the g/fs will need god knows how much spent on it!! That god damn golf has been nothing but trouble, think ill get her an A3 or something nice!

EDIT: someone has suggested i check the injectors on the rado, told me just to pull them out and turn the engine over and see if they squirt! Is it safe to do this?
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