=== Asrock Nvidia ION 330 1.60GHz Blu-Ray System only £349.99 inc VAT. ===

9 Nov 2003
*** *** Asrock Nvidia ION 330 1.60GHz Dual Core DDR2 Blu-Ray System - Black @ £349.99 inc VAT *** ***


The Asrock ION system features the brilliant Intel Atom 330 1.60GHz dual core processor and Nvidia ION graphics platform. This pairing can provide up to 10x faster video encoding performance and fps in games than the CPU alone. In addition it also supports Full HD 1080p playback, support for premium Windows Vista and Windows 7. Low noise levels thanks to high quality cooling fans and passive components make the Ion Platform perfect for home cinema PCs. BD (Blu-ray Disc) Combo technology ushers in a new era of digital life. With the same physical dimension with DVDs and CDs, BD Combo is capable of burning and reading DVD and CD as well. Blu-ray disc has even 10 times storage capacity of standard DVD. By adopting the SATA port, BD Combo provides an easy installation. BD Combo can definitely bring you the efficient and stable data transfer as well as the dazzling audio and visual experience.

Key Features

:- Stylish small form factor custom Asrock chassis.
:- Latest Nvidia ION platform for smooth high definition content.
:- Low noise allowing excellent movie playback through HDMI / DVI.
:- Energy saving components keeping running costs down, considerably less than a normal system.
:- Only the highest quality components ensuring the highest levels of reliability.

Key Components

:- Intel Atom N330 1.60GHz Dual Core Low Power CPU
:- Blu-Ray Combo Drive
:- 2GB DDR2 800MHz RAM
:- 320GB 2.5" Silent Hard Drive
:- Nvidia ION Graphics Chip

Only £349.99 inc VAT.

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