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ASUS AC1900 AIMesh WiFi System Review

Discussion in 'OcUK Reviews' started by m90Tom, Feb 21, 2019.

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    First time poster, long time user of this site. I was helped recently with a WiFi coverage and quality issue by the chaps at Overclockers, and here's my review of the product they suggested.

    You can see the router on OcUK's site here: ASUS AC1900 AIMesh WiFi

    I run a small town centre bar, which is often visited by hundreds of people per day. Offering free WiFi is fast becoming the norm in hospitality, and we need the internet for our till system, music, and other bits and bobs too. The basic router we got from our broadband provider often struggled with so many connections from different devices, as well as the fact the venue is spread over two floors.
    The Asus AC1900 AIMESH WiFi System was suggested as the ideal solution for us by the folks at Overclockers, in order to boost WiFi strength, handle more connections, and offer our customers a separate guest network.

    Setting the new kit up was incredibly easy. Asus have a router app available for mobile phones, through which you can configure and manage your devices, meaning there’s no need for a PC or laptop (although the web interface for PC and laptop is really good too).
    The system comes with two separate nodes, so you start by plugging one in and connecting the broadband router, and then configuring that through the app. It takes just a couple of minutes to get up and running, at which point you can easily connect the second node by switching it on and temporarily leaving it a short range from the first device. Once the second one is running, you move it to where you need it in order to maximise WiFi performance across the two devices (we have one upstairs and one downstairs to cover the whole bar).

    Once the basic setup was finished, I decided to separate our devices from customer ones by setting up a separate guest network for customers. You can easily set up a second network with its own SSID (name) and password, so as not to confuse users trying to connect.
    The router also supports the latest 5GHz WiFi technology, which you can enable on both, one of, or neither of the networks, and you can set up separate SSIDs for those if you want. You can also limit maximum upload and download bandwidth available to the guest network, which we’ve done to ensure there’s still some left for our equipment.

    In summary, setup was incredibly quick and intuitive, and we were up and running with our new WiFi networks within about 30 minutes. It’s worth noting that both nodes also have four Ethernet ports for any non-WiFi devices you need to connect.

    We’ve noticed a great improvement in WiFi performance since installing the Asus AC1900 AIMESH Wifi System. We’ve almost eliminated issues with our till being slow during busy periods whilst many people use the network, and feedback from customers has been positive, particularly about the much stronger internet performance upstairs. If anything, we need to consider faster broadband now, as the internet is so much better to use!

    In summary, I’d highly recommend this system for anybody needing a WiFi solution for multiple users, whether in a commercial or domestic property. It suits our needs perfectly, helping our customers and staff to get fast WiFi, where the standard router we had previously just wasn’t powerful enough. Thanks again to the gang at Overclockers for their help.