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Asus board without corners cut

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by chrcoluk, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. chrcoluk

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    I am considering a PC upgrade as I have a game that my haswell 4670k is not good enough for, a 8600k should do the job, but the motherboard is proving a hassle on my choice. Note I am also considering ryzen at this point, so may not go intel at all.

    I dont know if the asus comparison page is missing features that are present or that ASUS are cutting some big corners on every single one of their boards to the point not any of them have all features I want on one board.

    Does anyone know if a asus Z370 board that has all of the following.

    2 PCIE X16 slots fed from cpu
    front usb3 header (missing from TUF series specs but I see what looks like a usb3 header on screenshot)
    front usb2 header (missing from some ROG specs)
    ps/2 port (missing from prime-A board and all ROG boards, and all STRIX boards)
    memok (missing from most ROG boards, and all strix boards)
    fully featured bios no features cut (not a single board lists every bios feature)
    8x sata ports facing outwards (looks like all the z370 boards have 6 total, I currently have 7 sata devices, with an 8th planned)
    usb 3.1 type c port
    ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 (missing from half of the boards)
    ASUS EZ Flash 3 (missing from half of the boards)
    ASUS UEFI BIOS EZ Mode (this would think is on all boards but is missing from 5 of the ROG boards specs)
    ASUS C.P.R.(CPU Parameter Recall) (missing from half of the boards)
    At least 3 chassis fan connectors
    O.C. Profile (This seemingly basic feature on my z87 prime board is missing from half of the ROG boards, all the strix boards, all the TUF boards, and all the prime boards)
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  2. 8 Pack

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    To get 2 PCI X16 from the CPU you need to add a PLX chip for starters as the CPU only has 16 lanes its self!!! PLX chips are very expensive and these days are rarely present in gaming boards.

    A quick check of my M10 Hero ROG board shows almost all the stuff your asking for is on it apart from that amount of SATA ports and PS2 port. Apex has PS2 two of them!!! You can only run 6 off the chipset with 8 plus available on some boards but using slow and high latency ASmedia controllers added in.
  3. 5punk3monk3y


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    Out of interest, what game is it?
    Even the £500+ MSI godlike board doesn't have 2 PCIE X16 lanes or 8x Sata ports
  4. chrcoluk

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    I meant 2 16x spec ports fed, I am aware they would be 8x/8x

    There is the FFXV bench tool.

    With 3 cores active it drops to about 38FPS duringbattles on my 4670k and lots of pauses when loading assets.
    2 cores about 50-51fps everywhere and much lower in battles so 51fps becomes peak framerate, 1 core its about 26fps peak.
    All 4 cores, it can maintain 60fps outside of battles but with pauses at some points on asset loading, in battle it will dro pto mid 50s at points, and asset load pause when loading shiva and a few other points.

    At 30fps none of these pauses occur as the cpu isnt saturated.

    Settled on the asrock board but sadly its way overpriced here at ocuk compared to elsewhere, so wont be from here. ASUS seem to have got too arrogant with what they offer in terms of bang for the buck.
  5. chrcoluk

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  6. BongoHunter


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    To get the features you want you really need to be looking at high end desktop stuff TBH, either TR from AMD or something with 40 lanes from the Intel side