ASUS DSL-55U Print Serv & Attenuation

4 Jun 2008

Got my Asus DSL-55u this afternoon and I'm having trouble with the built in USB print server. I've connected my Dell 1320CN, the DSL-55U identifies the printer (Dell Color Laser 1320c Enabled) so it looks promising as far as that’s concerned but none of my Win7 machines can pick it up. I've tried simply adding printer by network and using the tool from the Dell's CD but no joy. Is it just a case of it not being truly compatible or am i missing something? Not the end of the wold as it is a network printer any way but would be useful to free up a lan socket.

Also I bought this Asus to replace my 3com 11n, the downstream line attenuation report on the 3com was 20.8db. The Asus reports a higher 25db. Been looking at the adsl2+ charts as our lines being upgraded this month and that’s enough to knock 2-3 Mbps off the total broadband speed. Is it a case that one or the other is reporting it wrong, or is it that the router can make a difference in this?
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