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Asus gets serious about overclocking with EN8800GT TOP

19 Jun 2007
Now the same speed as the EVGA 8800GT SSC but not sure on the new out soon SSC ASC3.

" Like most companies, IT conglomerate Asustek (Asus) has been offering factory-overclocked graphics cards but it never broke any records. Until now that is because the newly-released GeForce 8800 GT TOP cannot keep the extra megahertz at bay. Codenamed EN8800GT TOP/G/HTDP/512M, the card features the Glaciator Fansink, a new cooling solution that keeps GPU temperatures up to 7ºC cooler than reference designed boards.

Lower temps cam mean higher clocks so Asus has went all the way to take the OC crown and it actually did manage to beat Zotac's AMP version and stopped at the insane levell of Evga's Super Super Clocked Edition. To detail, Asus' new 'TOP' card comes with a core clock of 700 MHz (600 MHz stock), memory at 2000 MHz (1800 MHz stock)and a shader clock of 1750 MHz (1500 MHz stock). These clock enable the card to be some 10% faster in 3DMark06 and provide even more FPS' in games in need (yes, Crysis). The price of the new card has not been announced. "