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asus hd 7950 top or gigabyte radeon hd 7950

19 Feb 2012

Asus HD 7950 TOP 3072MB GDDR5
Cranked 100MHz over reference for an ultimate engine clock of 900MHz
- Dual fan DirectCU thermal delivers 20% cooler performance with direct heat dissipation and runs significantly quieter at 600% greater airflow
- GPU Tweak provides a professional yet intuitive graphics tuning interface for real time card adjustment and monitoring
- The latest PCIe 3.0 bus standard delivers improved encoding for twice the performance of current PCIe 2.0
- Expand visual horizon across six displays with AMD Eyefinity technology
- PCI-E 3.0 Ready: Delivers double the bandwidth per lane of PCIe GEN2 for faster GPU- CPU
- Fastest single GPU graphics card on the planet
- Hugely overclockable
- Vastly cooler running than previous generation
- Quieter running than previous generation
- Compute Power: 3.5 TFLOPS
- Core Clock Speed: 900MHz
- Primitive Rate: 2 prim / clk
- Shader Architecture: GCN
- Stream Processors: 32 CU / 1792 ALU
- Texture Units: 128
- ROPS / Z-Stencil: 32 / 128
- Frame Buffer / Memory: 3GB GDDR5
- Memory Width / Speed: 384 bit / 5000MHz
- Load / Idle Board Power: <300W / <3W
- Power Connectors: 8-pin + 6-pin
- Display Outputs: 1xDVI + 2x mDP + 1x HDMI

GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7950 OC 3072MB GDDR5
Graphics Engine: AMD Radeon™ HD 7950
Bus Standard: PCI Express ® 3.0
Video Memory: 3072MB GDDR5
Engine Clock: 900 MHz
Stream Processors: 1792
Memory Clock: 5000MHz (1250MHz GDDR5)
Memory Interface: 384 bit
DVI Max. Resolution: 2560 * 1600
DSub Max. Resolution: 2048 * 1536
D-sub Output: None
DVI Output: 1x Native Dual Link DVI-I, 1x via Mini DP to Single Link DVI active adaptor, 1x via HDMI to Single link DVI Passive adaptor
HDMI Output: 1x Native HDMI
Display Port: 2x Native Mini DP
HDCP compliant: YES

no as far as costs go they are within £5 of each other and as far as i can see they are both exactly the same with regards to the spec

does anyone think one is more preferable to the other?
8 Sep 2011
Northern Ireland
ive read some where that there are / were problems with 7950 DCu II coolers. Its like they are loose or something causing high temps. I do not know if it has been fixed with the current stock though.
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