Asus P5W DH Deluxe oddity

2 Mar 2004
SE England
Hello! Just been using this board for the day now and have a few glitches...Flashed to the most recent bios on the Asus website, by the way!

Basically, when I fire up the system it runs through the few post checks and gets to the "1024mb OK" section, then pauses for about 20, 30 seconds before going onto listing the available drives and continuing to boot.

Has anyone had this issue? There are so many options in the bios that I'm a bit baffled - any tips or improvements on settings or setups would be appreciated :)

It's running an E6400 Core Due, 1024mb of Crucial PC6400 800mhz and an XFX 7600GT. Onboard sound as well.

Would I see any benifits switching to my old Creative Audigy PCI, to free up resources?
22 Aug 2006
Which connectors on the Mobo are you using for your drives? Including your DVD drive.
Check that you are using the ICH7R connector for your DVD drive especially if it's a ATAPI drive. The JMicron controller does not fully support ATAPI with some bios versions.

Also, try setting your IDE detect time out in the bios to 0 or 5 to see if this helps, i think the default is 30 seconds or somthing.

I think you would be better off with your audigy in the second slot from the edge of your motherboard IMO, the slot closest to the edge shares with the USB universal host controler (which isn't really a problem but use the second slot anyway if available). I allways thought those original audigy's were pretty good cards, it should take some overhead from your CPU too.
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