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ASUS Rampage V Extreme - dead? Advice, please!

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by AstroAss, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. AstroAss


    Joined: Jun 14, 2017

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    Hi, guys,

    A bit annoyed here...

    My mobo (Rampage V Extreme) doesn't want me to get into my PC, it just throws a code 95... Had it for just under a year and a half, worked fine, with some quirks, but did manage everything I threw at it (4 GPUs, OC'd 5960X, all the HDDs and SSDs, etc).
    Now I just get a code 95... Which the manual says is "PCI Bus request resources". Kinda cryptic, not very helpful. I've got a red VGA_LED light up and solid.
    Sometimes, rarely, I can get into the BIOS itself. From there I can see the drives, the GPUs - anything that's connected. So it *sort of* seems fine. But then I restart and I get a code 95 again...

    What I've tried:
    > Tried eliminating the PSU (since this stuff happened after I had a power cut) - tested a PSU from work and I get a 95...
    > Tried booting with different GPUs in different PCIe slots - I have 2x GTX 1080Tis, 2x GTX 1080s and 2x Quadro M5000s - none help, still a 95.
    > Tried booting without a GPU - nope.
    > Tried taking out all the drives and the M.2 drive (because it's sorta related to PCI) - nope.
    > Tried booting with no drives, 1 stick of RAM in A1 slot, no GPU and no extras, just the CPU and RAM - still a 95.
    > Tried reflashing the BIOS. Nope.
    > Tried resetting the CMOS (both via the button on the IO and the coin cell). Nope.
    > Tried Switching between BIOS_1 and BIOS_2 - nope!
    > Tried the MemOK and all them other buttons and knobs - nope.
    > Tried leaving the PC unplugged for a while, drained the electricity, removed the coin cell, etc - nope, still a 95.
    > Tried praying, tried crying, sacrificed a virgin, breathed from a bag of visions, made an effigy, even contacted ASUS customer support (in the US - the UK one pretty much doesn't exist) - nope...

    I'll test my CPU at work, since I got an R5E 10 board there with the same i7-5960X - if that works, then at least I'll know for sure it's the mobo and not something else...

    So I'm pretty fudged here. I need my PC for work and entertainment, especially since the Christmas season is upon me and I NEED a PC for my 3 week holiday starting in 3 weeks...

    What are my options? I found out that my board, according to the ASUS US rep, still has warranty till January (bought the board off a guy on ebay, new, as it had a very good price). Can't really return to the guy, me thinks. ASUS UK websites are useless, I can't find any RMA forms (are there any?). And even if I RMA with them - how long would that take? Is it possible to RMA via an ASUS retailer somewhere? I'd pay the postage and some sort of a premium - anything is better than shelling half a grand out again for another mobo, damn it...

    Thank you for your time, guys! I'd really appreciate some input!