Asus Rog Dark Hero vs MSI Prestige X570 Creation

19 Apr 2014

I'm trying to collect some arguments to get answered two questions:

Some background information, config:
Red Devil 6800XT LE
4x32GB RAM (3600) GSkill Neo
2TB Gen 4 PCI-E nvme drive and a Gen 3
10 ish USB devices

To be used for gaming mainly for now, and some Linux Virtualisation later. The rig will be custom watercooled in the coming weeks.

1. which one would you pick and why if you are building a new PC?

2. Would you upgrade from MSI to Asus if money isn't the issue.

3 Aug 2010
Sorry for the late reply. You have probably made up your mind and purchased something by now.

I have the MSI prestige X570. Brought it on release to go with a 3900x.
Main reason was for the 10gb ethernet built in as I got a asus add in card for my unraid server and a fast buffer drive so copying over large multi gig files now is a lot faster than before.
I like the board but the MSI dragon centre you need to install for RGB also installs a lot of rubbish that courses lots of problems so it just is not worth it.

I feel the motherboard is a real solid choice for IO performance and looks good. The chipset fan does not make the board noisy, it never spins up or very rarely does. It has not got loads of RGB that suits me but I would t mind having the IO cover Creation text lit up but I would not install the software again to do so.
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