ASUS ROG Strix Pre-Built

9 Feb 2009
Up North
Just bought a new ASUS ROG Strix GT35 pre-built (I7-11700k with a 3080), had an email earlier today asking me to review - left one and have had an email back saying they won't publish (apparently doesn't meet their standards) - I bought the machine knowing the slight compromises (see review below), but overall I'm happy - a bit dismayed I spent the effort writing an honest review for them to dismiss it (assume all they want are people fawning over their product, but I wouldn't say I was at all derogatory, just honest).

What I wrote:

"Fantastic gaming machine and price reasonable based on current ridiculous cost of GPU's. I usually build my own systems but could not stomach paying the best part of 1.5k for a 3080. As a rough guide to build this PC you are probably looking at around 2k based on paying around £800 for the GPU so all in, considering this comes ready made and also includes a copy of Windows I'm reasonably happy. Couple of minor points, the GPU is a TUF gaming model (still Asus) and not a ROG Strix model (but the performance difference is negligible), and the CPU being an Intel Rocket Lake model is still based around the 14nm manufacturing process, thus a slight bit more power hungry than the equivalent AMD Ryzen model (but performance differences again are negligible). In summary though, this machine will easily run any game you can throw at it on maximum detail at 4k resolution, so in terms of the performance level it is more than you'll ever need at present, and should be good for a few years".

What they replied with:


Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!"

Oh well.....I'll consider my time wasted, and shouldn't have bothered, but hey ho.

(I realise it's ironic I'm wasting more time venting about it).
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