Asus Sabertooth 00-FX and Windows 8 Drivers

6 Oct 2011
Hey guys was just wondering, with Windows 8 now having been released and Asus not providing any drivers for the 990FX Original if you guys knew how i should proceed in terms of drivers.

The Way I see it, I have 3 options

1. Install the windows 7 Drivers and software and thenrun thermal radar etc in comparability mode
2. Install the windows 8 Drivers and software for the 990FX R2.0 (though I don't know the potential risks involved here)
3. Hang fire and hope that Asus release the drivers and software in the mean time.

This is my first time dealing with anything like this as the system I built is my first "from scratch" build so any input would be very much appreciated.
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