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Asus Strix 1080ti Blackscreening but still hear sound

8 Dec 2014
Hey guys, I got a Asus strix 1080ti when they were available last year and its brilliant. Only problem is since April time this year or so it has started to black screen my PC.
I'll elaborate more here:
The only 2 games ive been playing recently are WoW and the Witcher 3. While playing either game some time frame of 10 minutes to 3-4 hours the screen goes black but I can still hear the audio. The fans do not speed up and overall my PC is kept very cool, with a plethora of fans humming away (most of the time when I crashes in wow the temps are all around 40-45). I have read up a lot about this online and tried so many different things and I'll list the ones I remember here:

Updated Bios
Reinstalled Windows
Used DDU in safemode to reinstall Nvidia drivers
Lowered overclock on CPU from 4.5-4.2
Underclocked the gpu by -100mhz
Reseated the GPU
Reinstalled all motherboard drivers and soundcard drivers
Disabled G-sync

The powersupply im using is a Superflower 850watt platinum, recommended and purchased at the same time as the GPU by overclockers support when my 1080ti was coil whining. So I really can't imagine that's the problem? *edit* I have noticed that in the BIOS and in HWinfo the 3.3v rail is lower than 5% margin. in Bios its 3.125 and in hwinfo while playing wow it says its 3.088. could this be the culprit?
During one of my many Googling sessions after an infuriating Black screen I came across a thread full of people with the same motherboard/CPU as me. The Rampage IV Extreme Black edition and a 4930k. People are saying its some incompatibility with windows 10 and nvidias drivers.

If anyone could offer any advice it would be absolutely appreciated cause the next step would be buying a new motherboard and CPU which I really don't want to do as I love my current set up.

Thank you very much for your time!

Current setup is:
Asus Rampage IV Black edition
Asus Strix 1080ti
windows 10 64x
Crucial, Plextor and samsung SSD's. (no HDD)
Acer Predator z35p monitor
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