Asus Strix X570 RAM overclocking question

1 Sep 2010
Bell End, Worcestershire
Hi guys,

Having an absolute headache trying to sort this out.

System specs:

Ryzen 3900X
Asus Strix X570
32GB Corsair 3200MHz Vengeance RGB Pro (Samsung B-die)
Zotac RTX 3080
Seasonic 1000W Prime GX

I'm trying to set up this RAM to run at 3200Mhz as per it's XMP, but when I try the DOCP setting it just absolutely messes the bed and I have to do a CMOS reset by pulling the battery and reseating the GPU.

I've pulled my safe timings from the DRAM calculator for Ryzen and input them, the desired DRAM clock (3200) and FCLK (1600) and voltages into the BIOS' AI Tweaker and every time I boot, CPU-Z and hwinfo64 are showing that my RAM is running at 2666Mhz at 1.2V instead of 3200Mhz at 1.36V.

There is a DRAM/FCLK page in the Advanced tab of the BIOS too (why the hell are there two of these?). But I've left all of those settings set to 'Auto.'

Any ideas why my CPU's 4.3GHz OC from AI tweaker is sticking and stable, but it seems to be ignoring my RAM OC? I feel like I'm doing something really silly... :confused:
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