ASUS X501 A rear panel removal to upgrade RAM

12 Nov 2012
Anybody know how you get the rear panel off,Asus seem to have made it really difficult to upgrade to the 8GB achieveable.
18 Jan 2006
If it's anything like the last Acer built thing I opened (Packard Bell Dot Sc), then it'll be an absolute, utter pig to get into, but the same basic design. Anyway:
* You ought to have a set of screws round the bottom of the laptop. Undo these and put in a safe place.
* Next, look at the back/ front and sides of the keyboard. There should be several tabs holding it in place, and it'll come up at either the back or front.
* Under the keyboard you ought to have a spring clip thingy attached to the keyboard wire. Undo this and lift the keyboard off.
* The top plastic should now unsnap from the bottom plastic and lift away. There will be another spring clip thingy attached to the trackpad which you'll need to undo.
* Once inside, you'll have a metal plate. This provides stability to the keyboard and protects the motherboard. Undo the little screws and this ought to lift off.

With any luck you'll then have access to the motherboard. If you're unlucky, the RAM slots will be hidden well underneath. Basically, undo all the rest of the screws and carefully ease the motherboard out of the chassis if this is the case :)

Take your time and be careful and you should be fine. Never try and force anything, these are held together by stupid little plastic clips in places, which are easy as hell to break. Only real damage I did to mine was some small knife marks where I levered the top casing apart and a small broken plastic clip that doesn't hurt anything.

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