Asus X570 Gaming-F PCIe settings

14 Jan 2021
Hi all!

Is anyone with the above motherboard able to tell me for certain if the PCIe generation can be set manually in BIOS?

Just at the stage of planning my build, for which I have all the parts, and would like to mount the GPU waterblock vertically with a riser cable. I’m happy to spend the money on one of the higher quality riser cables that should cope with PCIe4.0 but if it still causes issues, I’d like the option to be able to revert to PCIe3.0

I’m not being lazy - I’d be happy to spin up the board and have a look myself but I’d need to get an aircooler for the CPU for around 5 minutes of use! Alternative is to proceed with the build, bend pipes, buy additional fittings, only to discover the board doesn’t allow me to configure this.

Appreciate the help guys, thanks!
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