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[ATI] Connect3D manufacturer, is it good?

8 Oct 2009
Connect3D is a manufacturer of ATI cards since a long time it seems. I've searched for accurate info about user reviews or professional reviews of the new ATI series made by Connect3D on google but found none.
I've looked on overclockers.co.uk as well and there is no such a manufacturer in their lists/stocks... and this makes me think a little about their (connect3d) quality!

Have you ever heard of them? If so what are their reputation?

Thanks in advance!
31 May 2007
They're an old company, been around for a good few years now.

You can buy in confidence. :p

If a brand was that bad, no shops would stock any of their products.

My advice is to buy the cheapest card of what ever model you want or buy the card with the best warranty.
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