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Audacity now spyware?

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by Quartz, 6 Jul 2021.

  1. Quartz


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  2. Rroff

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    That sucks - used it now and again for quick sample editing.
  3. mrk

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    Just use v2.x - No need to update something that just does the one job of cutting about audio files.
  4. haveaniceday


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  5. darael


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    There already talks of branching Audacity off, possibly to create another program with another name?
  6. Hades


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    It's now also against the T&C's to use it if you're under 13 years of age, because minors can't agree to their data being shared in the EU.

    It's quite common for open source software to be forked when this happens. For example when OpenOffice was taken over by Oracle (when they took over Sun) LibreOffice was forked from it. I strongly expect Audacity to now be on a death spiral and a replacement will emerge from the same source code. Even if Muse (the new Audacity owners) reverses their decision the community won't trust them anymore, certainly on the Linux side of things where freedom and openness is valued highly.
  7. nade

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    This is the github which the Register talks about: