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Audi Emissions Software Update - Mandatory in the UK?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by AsaTDi, 30 Aug 2016.

  1. snapdragon69


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    Audi and VW documentation often states only update the software if the customer has reported the following fault.... and they have an SVC code and follow guided fault finding which may or may not result in a software update for a module. They have no ability to 'Check for updates' like windows or suchlike.
    They really have to be specifically trying to address an issue and meet criteria.
    The also have TSBs where cars in certain VINs may be due an update if it is serious like the emissions issue. Usually when you drop the car off you should sign a sheet and part of that says any remaps will be erased, even when it is a routine service or new tyres etc...it's the standard form.
  2. Jamesyboyjim


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    That's strange you say that because SEAT say when they service your car they will check your car against their software database and apply any updates, with them all being VAG cars I'd have thought the same would apply.

    At least that's what I remember when I was checking what they charge for a service on their website.
  3. PiKe


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    Doesn't the place you got your car mapped save it?
  4. On Holiday


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    I'd hope so, profit!
  5. viper_2003


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    I hope it's not still under Audi warranty?
  6. Scania


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    I've been told by a spanner monkey that both Volvo and Scania update the ECU in trucks as the mileage climbs to keep it within emission requirements, can't say I've noticed any difference between 300k + trucks and ones with delivery mileage in their power delivery, perhaps this is why?
  7. tweedbean


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    This, whenever I have had this before with BMW tech, I take it back to the place who mapped it and they have the file for my car on record and just reflash the car. So if you have had the remap costs back you are winning as im sure the remap company would do it for free.