AV newbie help

19 Sep 2007
OK here goes my newbie question really.

Essentially the issue is connecting my PC and PS3 to a set of speakers for dvds, games and music.
However I currently do this by:

PC Runs direct to the monitor via VGA and my cheap 5.1 speakers are connected to my HDA x-plosion 7.1 sound card. (the cause of this fascination for better sound)
PS3 is connected to my monitor via a hdmi-DVI cable and the sound is sent via compenent to my sound card via a component to headphone jack connector. (thingy)

Now I would I be right in thinking I would need an AV amp to connect my pc and ps3 to my monitor and speakers. (monitor has both VGA and DVI connections).

The speakers I am looking to upgrade in the future sometime, but I plan on getting a set of 2 first then possibly a sub going 5.1 eventually. (I don't mind waiting till I can buy some speakers if I have to wait)

Really I am looking for a reasonable AV amp (i think) nothing amazing just something that will give nice quality with some HDMI inputs/outputs for a bit of future proofing.

I have seen the http://www.sony.co.uk/view/ShowProduct.action?product=STR-DG710&productsku=STRDG710B.CEK&site=odw_en_GB&pageType=Overview&imageType=Main&category=HCS+Home+Cinema+Receiver#tab and I think this would be suitable for my needs.

I am looking to spend upto £250 max (I know its low but everyone likes a challenge right?) on the amp and any advice on some speakers would be great as I was looking at the z-5500's but have been put off abit now :)

Any advice/guides/recommendations really appreciated.