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Avicii dies age 28

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by XeNoN89, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. SexyGreyFox

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    Sorry, you'll have to 'find' it.

    Mind you what I said above, he did his last gig in 2016, left his Manager and just continued doing what he loved which was writing music so the stresses of what went before were over!
  2. Diddums


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    Ah gotcha, thanks. I thought it might be on Vimeo or something.
  3. Spook187


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    Indeed, there is so many sellouts this day and age, thing is it's not as if they were making poor money they were doing very well at it, just the realy big bucks start showing it's face and off to vegas they go, i remember a playing at the same night as calvin harris he was just starting out as a DJ then, playing not so bad music but now i find his stuff just pure junk but he makes insane amounts of money it's just ridiculous, people say are you bothered, no not really, it's allways been about the music for me.
  4. Dan103


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    RIP such a shame no age at all.
  5. Musty Pie


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    28. So young

    He must have had some seriously amazing and seriously dark times in such a short life time. Mainstream or not, his music talent was undeniable.

  6. apatia77


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    Nobody should die at such young age.

    I saw Avicii at Creamfields couple of years ago and to be honest his style is not exactly my favorite when it comes to electronic music. BTW I go to a lot of electronic music raves and festivals and to me live performances define djs (so many different styles), not their songs that you can hear on the radio or mtv etc which are almost like pop music a lot of times.

    I have also not had any idea how big Avicii was as this hit all the headlines in all news.

  7. linktoinsanity


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    I heard about this elsewhere. Such a shame, liked his music and 28 is no age to go, so young!

    Probably drug related, does not make it any less tragic (more so really). RIP. :(
  8. AndyT

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    Sad news, talented guy; just a shame he wasn't around in the glory years of the late 90s early 2000s when dance music was still good. He might have made some better tunes then.
  9. Ayahuasca


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    Family statement seems to imply it was suicide :(
  10. savagesam117


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    Real shame. I've pretty much had Avicii on repeat since I heard :(

    RIP :(
  11. skaif


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  12. malachi


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    Another case of mental health and suicide among men.

    Still very rarely talked about because us men are expected to hold it together 24/7 :( Never is the case.
  13. Hades


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    This. Suicide is one of the biggest killers of men. But we are expected to 'man up' and be there for others. It's time this is taken seriously.
  14. Bassmansam

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    What’s the answer?
  15. 2StepSteve


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    Speak to people about how you really feel. It looks like he never really spoke about how he was truly feeling to his family, he may have given hints but likely didn't open up fully to them about what was going on.
  16. rubberduck


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    Obviously not as most men do not commit suicide... Yes the rate is higher than is should be i.e. 0 but to suggest that all men who face tough mental issues kill themselves is ridiculous.
  17. malachi


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    Where did I say all men? :confused:
  18. Fusion


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    People said the same about the "superclubs" of the 90s such as Cream at the time. Ibiza has always been a more "premium" (i.e. expensive) party destination for as long as I can remember (I'm 32), or at least marketed that way.

    RIP. Whatever your views on his music (and it's not my preference), he achieved more by 28 than most of us will in a lifetime. To the detractors- if it's so easy, how come you're not a world renowned multi-millionaire artist in your 20s? :)
  19. XeNoN89


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    Ibiza has really changed since I first went in 2010. Lots of it has gone the way of the Vegas type VIP type experience. Obviously you still have the underground stuff though which is what I go for.

    The closing of Space was the final straw for me.
  20. krooton


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    Tbf, it wasn't all that in 2007, overhyped beyond belief.

    I think the 90s were the heyday, and most of us were still in school back then :p