B450 Tomahawk Max RAID problem

12 Jan 2021
Hi everyone.

Had an Asus AM3 m/b fail, so invested in a MSI B450 AM4, with a Ryzen 5-2600. Everything seems OK, I can set up the RAID 1 with the original pair of 1Tb WD drives, using both the Ctl-R setup, and also the Ex-RAID in Bios Settings - Advanced.

I can install Windows OK, from an image that Microsoft has provided, but this will only install to a GPT partition. The original system was on MBR, and the Disk image, and system backups, are all with that MBR configuration.

When I try to recover the original system data, it then overwrites the array with the MBR data, and Windows then gives an Inaccessible Boot Device error.

Can anyone give some ideas on either how to create and transfer a working MBR array, which will then boot, or to transfer an MBR system to a GPT array without writing the MBR data?

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