Backing Up My Hard Drive

5 Oct 2004
The South, United Kingdom
I have always wanted to do it, on many levels. It started with just wanting music backed up but really i feel i want the whole drive back up in case of any problems such as my hard drive suddenly breaking. And if their is a software problem i can reformat the old hard drive and simply grab some essentials off the back up (as no doubt a simple restore will just transfer than problem back again).

I was thinking of some external hard drive, but my friend on my computer course suggested a hard drive enclosure and use Norton Ghost for the back up.

So i was thinking something like Maxtor MaxLine III NCQ 250GB 7V250F0 SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM (HD-094-MD)
I don't use masses of data so 250GB wouldn't be used. I have a 120gb and that is barely 50% used.

For the enclosure i would use: Icy Box External Enclosure IB-360AStUS SATA + USB Combo - Black/LED (HD-004-BT)

This would allow me a SATA hard drive and also a connection with SATA or USB2.0. I wanted to know really after posting all this information is this a good idea or are there cheaper ways. The money isn't much of a issue but really how well would it work with norton ghost and will it be a good way of back up my hard drive for restoring when needed.

Norton Ghost wasn't on OCUK so didn't want to link because of the rules.
18 Oct 2002
Norton Ghost plus External HD should be fine, but it's worth checking after you buy it that you can see the External HD when you go into recovery mode with Norton Ghost, I've found sometimes it can be a little hit or miss.
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