** Bank Holiday B-Grade Clearance - Cases **

7 Feb 2011
Stoke on Toast
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Right so I have had a look through our B-Grade cases and reduced the pricing to try and clear some of it.

**B Grade** BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Cube Case - Aqua Blue @ £49.99 inc VAT


Meticulously crafted and beautifully engineered, Prodigy redefines the Mini-ITX chassis. The compact housing is suspended by handles made with BitFenix FyberFlex™ Composite for easy portability and maximum shock absorption. The spacious internals give you the flexibility to install up to five 3.5" hard disks or no less than nine SSDs. The modular FlexCage™ can also be removed entirely to fit long graphics cards and water cooling radiators up to 240mm in length, and a choice of Midnight Black or Arctic White with available interchangeable face plates mean Prodigy will suit your individual style. With tool-free convenience, two USB 3.0 ports, filtered intakes, and proprietary BitFenix SofTouch™ Surface Treatment, Prodigy is the compact case with no compromises.

- Beautifully Compact – Mini ITX dimensions with clean modern styling
- Unmatched Flexibility – Supports long graphics cards and up to 240mm water cooling radiators
- BitFenix FyberFlex™ Composite Handles – For portability and shock absorption
- Maximum Storage Potential – Install up to five 3.5" or nine 2.5" SSDs
- BitFenix FlexCage™ - Modular hard disk cage can be completely removed for added flexibility
- Choose Your Own Style – Two color options and interchangeable face plates available
- SuperSpeed USB 3.0 – Two ports included for blazing file transfers
- BitFenix SofTouch™ Surface Treatment – Luxurious matte finish and soft feel
- Trouble-free Installation – Tool-free drive locking mechanisms, cable management and filtered intakes
- Dimensions (WxHxD): 250 x 404 x 359mm
- Motherboard Sizes: Mini-ITX
- 5.25” Drive Bays: x 1 (removable)
- 3.5” Drive Bays: x 5 (3 + 2 modular)
- 2.5” Drive Bays: x 9 (5 + 2 + 1 +1 )
- Cooling Front: 120mm x 2 (120mm x 1included) or 140/180/200/230mm x 1(optional)
- Cooling Rear: 120mm x 1 (included) or 140mm x 1(optional)
- Cooling Top: 120mm x 2 (optional)
- PCI Slots: x 2
- I/O: USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio
- Power Supply: PS2 ATX (bottom, multi direction)
- Extras: FyberFlex™ Composite handles, SofTouch™ surface treatment, filtered intakes, tool-free drive locking

Originally sold at £58.29+VAT

Only £49.99 inc VAT.


**B Grade** Xigmatek Gigas Micro ATX Cube Case - Black @ £39.95 inc VAT


Balance meets awesome design, functionality and size. Small outer dimensions but huge capability of housing high end hardware is one of the main advantage of our new HYBRID Chassis “GIGAS”. Supporting 2*5.25” ODD, 6*3.5” HDD and 2*2.5” SSD, and total length of 320mm or 12.5” graphic cards. Optimized airflow system by four preinstalled 1000 RPM fans and standard 120mm heat-pipe side blow CPU cooler. Start the GAME with GIGAS!!!

- Full aluminum Micro-ATX chassis for gaming and HTPC.
- Available for 12cm side-blow heatpipe cooler within 160mm height.
- Dual 330mm high-end long graphic cards available.
- Six 3.5" HDD space with anti-vibration rubbers.
- Two 2.5" SSD/HDD available.
- Two external 5.25" bays for optical drive and HTPC control panel.
- Two preinstalled 12cm 800RPM front black fans and two 12cm rear fan space for optional.
- One USB3.0 front port available.
- Dimensions: 278(W) x 322(D) x 396(H) mm
- Drive Bays: 5.25” External x 2
- Drive Bays: 3.5” Internal HDD x 6 on two HDD cages (with anti-vibration rubbers)
- Drive Bays: 2.5” Internal HDD x 2 on two HDD cages
- Expansion Slot: 4 slots (Available graphic card length: 320mm)
- Motherboard Support: Micro ATX, ITX
- Front Cooling: Pre-installed 120mm black fans x 2 (1000RPM)
- Rear Cooling Fan: Pre-installed 120mm black fans x 2 (1000RPM)
- Max CPU cooler height: 160mm
- Water-cooling: 120mm All-In-One water-cooling device available
- I/O Panel: Power button, Reset button, USB3.0 x 1(internal 20pin), USB2.0 x 2, HD Audio in/out x 1

Originally sold at £72.49+VAT

Only £39.95 inc VAT.


**B Grade** Anidees AI-6BS Midi Tower Silenced Case - Black @ £79.99 inc VAT


Pre-insulated mid-tower design with aluminum elements, USB 3.0 removable HDD cages and lots of ventilation options.

Anidees introduces latest state-of-the-art of the spacious mid tower AI6. AI6 can keep enthusiasts satisfactory with sufficient space for up to 8+1 slots PCI (4 VGA cards), high-end CPU coolers, and water cooling radiator. AI6 also features ultimate air flow for 6 big fans high airflow solution, it provide excellent thermal performance in any kind of powerful system request. Easy installation, stability, reliability, tool-free, cable management and large CPU cooler retention hole also basic function on AI6.

- Rotate door with Aluminum line-finished for elegant look.
- Moveable front mesh design for ventilation and easy maintenance.
- Accommodates 120 or 240 mm radiator inside the top and bottom.
- Dust filers on the front and at the bottom.
- Rear retaining holes for water cooling kit.
- Cable management and CPU retaining hole for easy maintenance.
- Two Front 140 mm fans for HDD and VGA Card
- Air cooling support 6 fans, 140mm fan*5, 120mm fan*1
- Supports up to 140 mm fan x 5
- New Velcro fastener design for better power supply stability
- Support USB 3.0*2, USB 2.0*4 on the top
- Material: Aluminum /Steel body / Plastic + Mesh bezel
- Dimension (W / H / D): L*W*H=527*207*509mm
- Net Weight: 11 kg / 24.2 lbs
- Gross Weight: 12.5 kg / 27.5 lbs
- Motherboard Type: M-ITX,M-ATX,ATX
- 5.25” Drive Bay: 3(one for 3.5” converter)
- 3.5” Hidden: 7
- 3.5” Exposed: 1(converted from one 5.25’’Drive Bay)
- 2.5” Drive Bay: 8(from 3.5”HDD Cage)
- I/O Panel: USB3.0x2, USB2.0x4, Audio x1, Mic x1
- Expansion Slots: 8 + 1
- Front Cooling: 140/120mm fan x 2(140mm x 1 fan included)
- Rear Cooling:120mm x 1 (included)
- Top Cooling:140/120mm x 2 (optional)
- Bottom Cooling:140/120mm x 2(optional)

Originally sold at £84.99+VAT

Only £79.99 inc VAT.


**B Grade** Cooler Master CM-690 II Lite Windowed Gaming Tower Case - Black @ £39.95 inc VAT


CCM 690 II Lite makes it possible to take advantage of excellent airflow and water cooling options to vastly reduce temperatures on system components. The CPU mounting hole size has also been enlarged to make installing CPU heatsink backplates even more convenient, and the rubber grommets have been redesigned for improved cable management. Additionally, the CM 690 II Advanced (USB 3.0 version) is equipped with two USB 3.0 internal connectors for faster data transfer. The spacious mid-tower will keep enthusiasts happy with room for up to 3 Dual Slot graphics cards, high-end CPU coolers, top or bottom mounted water cooling radiators and 1.8"/2.5" drive adapters for easy upgrades.

- Enlarged front and top mesh design for superb ventilation
- Can accommodate an internal 120 x 240 mm radiator at the top and bottom
- Dust-control filters for all meshed areas
- Supports for up to 10 fans (up to 5 x 140 mm fans)
- External SATA docking station (X-dock)
- Rear tubing holes for water cooling
- Includes 1.8" & 2.5" HDD and SSD adapters
- More and redesigned rubber grommets for improved cable management
- Larger CPU heatsink cut-out on the mainboard tray
- Dimension (W / H / D): 214.5 x 496 x 528.8 mm
- 5.25" Drive Bays: 4 (without the use of exposed 3.5" drive bay)
- 3.5" Drive Bays: 6 hidden (4 removable), 1 exposed (converted from one 5.25" drive bay)
- I/O Panel: USB 2.0 x 2, Mic x 1, Audio x 1 (supports HD/AC97 audio)
- Front Cooling: 140 x 25mm blue LED fan x 1 / 1200RPM / 19dBA
- Rear Cooling: 120mm fan x 1 / 1200 RPM / 17dBA
- Top Cooling: Top: 120mm fan x 1/ 1200RPM /17dBA (supports 120/140mm fan x 2)
- Bottom Cooling: 120mm fan x 2 (optional)
- Left side Cooling: 120/140mm fan x 2 (optional)
- Right side Cooling: 80 x 15mm x 1 (optional)
- HDD cage Cooling: 120mm fan x 1 (optional)
- 2.5"/3.5"- SATA HDD Drive Bay: 2 (converted from one 3.5” drive bay)
- Maximum Compatibility: VGA card length:304mm / 11.96 inch
- CPU cooler height:177mm / 6.96 inch

Originally sold at £51.66+VAT

Only £39.95 inc VAT.


I'm a nice guy so if theres anything in there you really want and you're buying stuff from us anyway we can haggle on price as long as you don't take the micky.

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6 Feb 2010
Good price for the CM-690 II. I remember having to pay £65 for my CM-690 II Advanced, and another £15 for the Window panel separately, so that works out to be £80 total. At £40 it is a steal for such a good quality non-flimsy case windowed case. The only shortcoming is probably the lack of USB3.0 due to being an old design.
27 Sep 2012
What exactly is the difference between the OCUK Noise damped Anidees and the stock "Silenced Case"? I assume both have noise dampening installed.
14 Feb 2014
I have the Anidees (albeit, the none silenced version) and its amazing! Fully recommended, if I hadnt have brought mine I would have snapped up the above in a heartbeat!
31 May 2005
From the product descriptions:

B Grade items may have been used, have damaged packaging, missing accessories or a combination of these.

Some items may have scuff marks or slight scratches but should otherwise be an operable product.

B grade items come with a 90 day warranty from OcUK and *potentially* the remaining warranty from the manufacturer, but this is not guaranteed.
19 Nov 2011
I do wish that you would state what exactly is it that make the case a B-Grade.

Still, is a nice price for that Gigas!