"beeping" coming from my motherboard after graphics driver update.

20 Oct 2010
Scotland, My home.
Hi there. I have just started to get an "issue" with my pc. It just started "beeping" after I installed the latest nvidia graphics drivers. It's hard to describe. It isn't actually beeping, more of a series whines in a sort of tune. It only happens after I log in to windows. If I don't log in, it won't happen.

My PC specs
Core i5 4670k not overclocked, AIO cooler (Corsair h60)
Nvidia 1070gtx (Tried with an old 460gtx)
Team Group Elite Black 16GB DDR3 PC3-12800C11 (Tried with 8gb corsair vengence)
Bequiet 850w powersupply (Tried with another bequiet 850w power supply)

I have done stuff to try and fix it but to no avail

1: I've reverted back to my previous nvidia drivers 441.12 from 441.20
2: Restored my PC back to 1 month ago
3: reseated my ram, graphics card and processor
4: booted with only my keyboard and mouse
5: reset bios, reverted everything back to standard settings
6: reflashed my bios back to standard settings
7: reconnected all the power connectors
8: Tried a spare power supply
9: Tried other ram, tried each individual ram stick
10: Tried another graphics card, tried using onboard graphics, tried without graphics card plugged in
11: Tried booting into ubuntu on my external HD drive, as soon as I load a 3d application it starts beeping
12: tried disconnecting my 2 HDDS, 2 SSDs and 1 NVME drive(With adapter).

It's driving me up the wall. The constant tune/noise/beeping is torture. Any help would be appreciated...



edit: I can run games, heavy applications just fine with no slow downs.
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