Beginner NAS Advise Needed

11 Dec 2012
Bangor - Northern Ireland
Evening All,

Apologies about starting a new thread, but for my current work commitments this is the easiest option for me :)

I'm interested in getting my First NAS for the Below reasons

1.Backup for Main PC (Photos/Documents etc)
2. CCTV - Recommendation on some basic wi-Fi Cameras (cant run cables) as a basic 1st time home setup)
3. RIP sold OLD DVD collections to the NAS so accessible on PC/Smart TVs etc

No Looking to Spend Huge money but wanting to know the basics and a better understanding on costs/software needed. So any advise would be greatly appreciated
20 Oct 2008
Do you have requirements that wouldn't be met by a Synology or QNAP?

If you want/need to build something then Unraid is well worth a look. Being able to easily add drives as your storage requirements change is one main selling point.
6 Dec 2005
Cambridge, UK.
If you want something that's reasonably simple to setup then I can recommend Synology for a NAS. It has free software built in that will backup any computer files on the network (Synology Drive Server is what I use on it). The Surveillance Station is free (and really good!) - for most of the Synology NAS units you only get 2 'free' licenses so any more camera's than that you need to buy more (I bought 2 extra @ £43 each). I found setting up my Synology very simple to share my files to watch movies on to the TV's around the home. Simply select a 'library' and click ok and that was it. All of my TV's support 'DLNA' so it just works as simple as that.

Some question which would be helpful.

What is your budget for the NAS (and does it include the cost of hard drives)?
What is your budget, and how many camera's do you want?
What are you trying to achieve with the CCTV (i.e do you just want a cheap camera up for a deterrent or do you want to be able to capture clear pictures?)

P.S I am no expert, I am recently new to having a NAS myself and have received a lot of very useful help from these forums!
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