Benq XL2420T issue

11 Jun 2012
Hi guys, does anyone have experience with hooking an Xbox 360 up to this monitor?

I have had this monitor a while without an issue but I cannot get it to recognize my xbox, Ive plugged in using an HDMI cable.

So far I have tried the following

1. Using both HDMI ports on the monitor to hook up the xbox
2 I have tested hooking up my PC using HDMI instead of DVI and it works so I know the monitor ports are ok
3 I have reset the Xbox display settings to no avail
4 I have tried 3 different HDMI cables
5 I have tried tweaking the monitor settings but it still wont recognise
6 Xbox works fine on my downstairs TV via HDMI so I know the xbox is ok

I have ran out of ideas,

Anyone managed to do this or know what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks
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