Benq XL2420T only worth it for just gaming?

4 Sep 2011
Hey all. Apologies if this is a rhetorical question but just wanted to put it out there.

Yes I know it's being advertised as a "gaming" monitor and I have looked at some reviews and for gaming, it is supposed to be the best at present.

However, I don't only game. I watch movies on my current monitor and I have a USB TV tuner which I watch TV on so I'm wondering if the Benq would be the right choice. Also what is slightly putting me off is that I've heard about issues with regard to setting up the contrast etc as it's too bright or something to that degree.

By the way, my current monitor is an NEC Multisync 20" TFT panel and it's nearing 6 years old so any monitor, particulary the Benq would be a very nice upgrade.

Would this be a good chopice or as the title says, only for gaming?

Your opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
11 Jan 2008
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I'd say nearly £300 is a lot to pay for the XL2420 unless you have a need for 120hz!

I got an XL2410 when they first came out in 2010, but compared to my Dell 2407 (a 24" from 2006) the picture was pretty nasty and I returned it within a week. It wasn't so bad for games, but when watching films the backlight bleed (a blue glow along the bottom edge of the screen) was quite distracting. Not sure if the newer 2420 model improves this or not.

My brother got this 60Hz BenQ for half what I paid for the 120Hz version and the picture was much better
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