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Best antivirus on the market?

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by Tim Crump, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Columbo


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    Any site the tables McAfee as the 2nd best option should be immediately ignored on the basis of being full of bovine poo. Oh and in their disclaimer, link below...

  2. 4K8KW10

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    Yes, I've noticed the same things. Then, just avoid TotalAV too.
  3. chrcoluk


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    I think a/v is a bit of a false economy.

    Catching malware via signatures when it tries to execute is basically trying to catch it too late and is ineffective against 0 day.

    The anti malware market as a whole is over hyped, people buying software based on fear.

    There is very good free solutions available, especially if you run windows 10.

    But I would suggest looking at "anti exploit" software. such as HMPA
    Windows SRP or APPLOCKER
    Run chrome with isolated tabs enabled, and in applocker mode.
    Run ublock origin in the browser in advanced mode blocking 3rd party javascript by default, I would also block 1st party javascript by default on non mainstream TLDs.
    Cryptoprevent, free software that makes some good default SRP rules.
    If you run Windows 10 it now has EMET (anti exploit ) features built in but they disabled by default, highly worth researching on how to use. Wilders security has some good info on it.
    Binisoft has an excellent front end for the windows firewall which makes outbound app filtering easy, sadly the company got sold tho and new customers can no longer get the product. But there is a couple of alternatives. It was donate once for "unlimited" activation's. Brilliant value.
    There is also some exceleent free stuff from novirusthanks.


    exe radar pro(similar to SRP)
    smart object blocker

    I will try and post more later
  4. deshepherd


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    People who remember it from before the 2009 rewrite and haven't/won't give it another look
  5. wolfie138

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    norton seemed to be one of the things like Netscape Navigator; it was absolutely fantastic for a number of years, and then suddenly just dropped off a cliff, becoming crap/a ballache to use/more expensive etc or any combination of all. i still have NOD32 running, keep thinking of changing it now and again, but every time i have a sesh reviewing AVSs it's the same thing - some sites rate an item "best ever" and others rate it mediocre or crap, so i never know what to trust and end up sticking w/ what i've got.