Best RAID motherboard choice?

21 Jan 2007
I'm currently running my system on a Gigabyte DS3-965P, which uses software drivers to run the RAID 0. However, the current drivers on the Gigabyte site don't seem to work, I get nothing but blue screens, plus I've had problems before with driver controlled RAID giving me trouble, so I'm looking for a change.

This is what I'm looking for: A motherboard with RAID built in - no drivers whatsoever. Good cooling on the board so I can overclock it a bit without turning it into a bonfire. Onboard sound.. stereo is fine, but the sound needs to be good (its for connecting to my TV, I have an X-Fi for normal use). LAN connection. And thats about it. Looking cool would be an added bonus, as would lots of glowing lights - the more it looks like something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the better. :)

Its for an E6600 with 4GB of RAM (4x1GB).
23 May 2006
I don't think that you'll find what you want - afaik even a hardware RAID card needs drivers for the OS to recognise it.
Anyway your problem is probably using the JMicron/Gigabyte controller for RAID & quite simply it's not great.
You could perhaps see if JMicron have newer drivers than Gigabyte have up or get a board with Intel Matrix RAID.
I was going to suggest a P35 based mobo but your comments " Looking cool would be an added bonus, as would lots of glowing lights" make me think that the 965 based abit QuadGT is the perfect board for you - it has blue LEDs behind the PCB & you can choose from about 7 lighting patterns.
It's regarded as 1 of the best 965s & there's a large thread here about it.
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