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BitFenix ENSO MESH review samples available!

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by Connor@Overclockers, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Connor@Overclockers

    OcUK Staff

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    Hey guys,

    Umberto from BitFenix has given us not one, but SIX samples to give-away to our forum members to review! All you have to do is drop a reply letting us know why we should pick you to review one, and what build you plan to run in it!
    Umberto will check through the replies in a week or so and pick his favourite. The only thing he would need in return from you to review a case is:

    - A small review in the forum
    - A review on the weblisting (links below)

    - (Optional) a photo or video of your finished build/review of the case that we can feature on social!

    If you've not checked out the ENSO MESH already it's a fantastic case! Based on the original ENSO that launched last a year, it features a fully redesigned MESH front panel, increased fan capacity and now supports up to a 360mm rad.

    Other features include:

    - Built in ASUS Aura sync compatible addressable RGB lighting.

    - Two pre-installed 120mm fans (one RGB rear fan, one black front fan)

    - Options for up to 6 x 120mm fans, 1 x 320mm front rad and 1 x 120mm rear rad.

    - Storage capacity for 2 x 3.5" drives in the caddy located beneath the PSU shroud with and additional 3 x 2.5" mounts located behind the motherboard tray.

    - Front I/O with 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x HD Audio and RGB colour cycle.

    - Quick release magnetic lock front panel, top mesh cover and PSU filter that slides out the side of the case. (so no excuses for not cleaning it!)

    If you're interested, just pop us a message below and good luck!

    Bitfenix Enso Mesh Midi Tower RGB Gaming Case - Black Tempered Glass @ £84.95 inc VAT
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Premium quality Midi-Tower case, Mesh front-panel, Tempered glass side panel, Addressable RGB on front panel, Up to E-ATX Motherboards
    Only £84.95 inc VAT.

    Bitfenix Enso Mesh Midi Tower RGB Gaming Case - White Tempered Glass @ £84.95 inc VAT
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Premium quality Midi-Tower case, Mesh front-panel, Tempered glass side panel, Addressable RGB on front panel, Up to E-ATX Motherboards
    Only £84.95 inc VAT.
  2. Meddling-Monk


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    A bit late, but if this is still on offer. I'd certainly like to try a first time review and see how a new case handles.

    Will be coming from a Corsair Obsidian 650D. Which is notorious for bad airflow. I've replaced fans to increase airflow at lower noise levels, and increased the amount of fans and even modded the 650D ad-hoc to produce better airflow, including putting in a 140mm Noctua Fan into the 5.25" bay as a further intake, etc. And it appears I might have reached an impasse with the 650D. Whilst spacious, to keep the fans from causing too large a racket, I've kept them from exceeding 60% fan speed via PWM. Would be interesting to see if newer case designs that are more optimised for airflow, will keep up, exceed, or indeed fail compared to an older design like the 650D, WHILST comparing it to the noise level produced compared to the older case.

    Full system specs that will be migrating over if chosen:
    4930k (4.3Ghz, but can hit 4.5Ghz for testing, I only keep 4.3Ghz for power consumption)
    Corsair H100i (Original), with 2x Noctua A12x25 at 60-70% PMW for 30C to 70C
    Asus Rampage IV Extreme (Latest Official BIOS)
    64GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator/Vengeance RAM (10-10-10-27)
    Crucial M500 240GB SSD (Main Disk)
    Crucial B200 500GB SSD (Program Disk)
    Powercolor RX580 8GB
    Corsair HX650 PSU

    Things I'll be doing:

    Inspecting Build Quality. My last 2 cases out of 3 (spread over numerous years and manufacturers, so quite randomised; Corsair, Thermaltake and unbranded, funnily unbranded is the onyl one without issues) had minor build defects in them that I didn't notice until a LOT later. Whilst minor, it can be annoying to discover that you can cut your finger because a small part of the case was bent/damaged from construction and only realise this years later when you tear it down for an internal rebuild. Especially from well known manufacturers whom you do not expect such instances from.

    Personal, non professional audio test (no equipment other than my ears). I don't have Super Hearing, but I can certainly pick up sound REALLY well. I know how silent my current rig can be at the moment. It's got a fairly loud (but not noisy) pump in the H100i (it's the loudest item in my case now). The fans barely make an air rush noise. So it'll be interesting to see if the more exposed fans at the front produce more, less or comparable noise compared to the 650D that I've modded to only have 1 fan exposed close to the front of the case.

    Can it help with GPU cooling, or is it a limiting factor of keeping it cool in the current case? Since the intake fans in the 650D are quite a distance compared to newer case designs that are a bit more snug in comparison. Will the closer distance between intake fans bringing in cooler air help with keeping the GPU cooler? Right now, keeping it cool and quiet whilst running, requires the services of extra fans below and at an angle (suspended in the middle of the case via ad-hoc cables and ties) to bring in extra cooler air that was brought in by the lower 200mm intake fan. But it still reaches a toasty 83C at load, certainly not ideal. But it works without noise which is the important part. Can a better airflow case keep the GPU at the same temps with or without the extra fans? Or indeed, cooler? Or possibly even hotter? (You never know)

    Can it help with CPU/overall cooling? Right now, my H100i sits at the top of the 650D in exhaust. It does well still with the fans staying between 60% and 70% to keep the 4930k below 60C at 4.3Ghz, and below 70C at 4.5Ghz. So it doesn't really need better cooling. But can it help with the system overall? Could I fit the H100i to the front perhaps and have them as intakes instead of exhaust? Something that the 650D can't do as it was too far away, so I couldn't even try to mod it in as the H100i's tubes were too short to reach it.

    Related to the above, ease of cleaning. The 650D has many meshes available over fan areas, but many also have grilles and meshes in front of the removable mesh too. Reducing a lot of the airflow, whilst also producing a bit of a racket on some fan locations (200mm I'm looking at you). But one thing without a doubt, is that the 650D was never difficult for cleaning the meshes covering the intake areas. Easy to remove, easy to clearn and replace. Can the new case keep me just as easily satisfied? Especially the front panel?

    Ease of access. The 650D has many faults compared to more modern designs. However, the ease of access into the case is not one of them. Whenever I need to gain entry to change things, it's always two downward presses onto the latches and the case is open. Will I miss this with the newer design and will I even be bothered with it missing in a newer case design?

    If chosen, I honestly don't mind any colour that is provided. Although it might help provide an aesthetical comparison between it and the 650D, especially with the RGB on, since the 650D didn't have any, so it will also be my first proper RGB foray. Although I am aware that my setup probably won't be able to make use of the RGB since it's an older motherboard and probably doesn't have the appropriate hardware to make use of it. Will look into it if I do get the case though and see what options there are for users like me. :)

    Although honestly, now I'm thinking about it, I probably should have asked to join in the other review offers "of late" (Last few months) on OCUK. The PSU could certainly do with an uplift too (The Bequiet one I didn't request to join in as I didn't run into so many issues cooling the GPU at the time). And the CPU cooler, don't remember seeing one being made on offer for review here at OCUK, but would certainly be interesting to see how HS/F (2011 compatible please if anyone offering them for reviews sees this. :p) or newer AIO coolers have progressed (or, NOT progressed) since 2011/2012 (when I first got this rig, but it was an i7 3820 and a HD7950 3GB back then). As for fans, I don't remember seeing any on review offer, so I'll go fork out for some. Possibly try some Silent Wings 3 to also compare with the Noctua's, which in turn can be used to compare with the case fans that come with the case. My main concern of course, wouldn't be how much airflow is being provided by the case fans, but how much is provided compared to the noise that comes with it performing at their desirable levels and especially if it can help the GPU temps.

    Can a newer designed premium midi case compare to an older one designed for a different era that has been modded to keep up?