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BNP Membership lists leaked

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by UncleBensSauce, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Yas786


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    :rolleyes: why?? is it because hes asian and muslim?? the only way i could see him getting 'away' with it is if there was no evidence to support he perverted the course of justice.
  2. dirtydog


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  3. miniyazz


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    Most people will never vote for Labour either.. but for some reason they seem to be in power :p

    This. Unless membership restrictions for all equivalent parties (i.e. other *legal* political parties) are also restricted similarly.

    No, it isn't. Ergo, those who join and support the party are not necessarily racists. They are British Nationalists. Stereotying members of the BNP as racist is more akin to stereotying members of the Communist party as supporters of Che Guevara, or another prominent left-wing figure.. it may be true, but isn't always, and they don't join the Communist party because they're a fan of Che Guevara :rolleyes:

    This is irrelevant as being a member of the BNP does not make you a racist. Racists should be removed from the police force - I don't think anyone is denying that. But you should not make the *assumption* that being a BNP member makes you a racist.. that definition can only be made on a personal basis through word/deed.

    I am glad to hear that no party affiliation is allowed within the Police - as either no affiliation or any (legal) affiliation should be allowed.
  4. Dolph

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    how do you reconcile the bnp constitution with the idea that they aren't racist? the party constitution specifically and explicitly discriminates on the basis of skin colour defined racial groupings
  5. The Halk


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    I guess they would say they have different opinion on what constitutes racism.

    Indeed you could make an argument that much of the black movements are racist.

    In what they say that they are sticking up for the indigenous population of the UK against a wave of immigration which will dissolve our culture.... They have the right to do that. I disagee wholeheartedly about it.

    The UK has had waves of immigration over the years. Scandinavians, French, Germans, and many many more.

    The BNP seem to be distinguishing based on colour of skin or religion. I'm quite sure Nick Griffin isn't of original British stock, there will be some Saxon in there. But because it's not a visible thing it's ignored.

    Not to mention that since humans did not evolve in the UK there's could only really be the first tribe who came here. What if they were wiped out by the next tribe?

    The arguement holds no water, and I consider them racist. But they may not consider themselves racist (I suspect they actually do, but want to deny it in public). But they have the right to express their opinions.
  6. miniyazz


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    The Labour Party constitution says they'll build more renewable sources of power (*maybe, I haven't read it, it's an example) so if I'd voted for them, does that mean I want more renewable sources of energy? Course not, it would've meant I considered them the best choice overall, even if I disagree with that policy. Same thing applies with the BNP - you might consider that their other policies counteract any policies you're not sure about/disagree with.
    I'm not saying no BNP members are racist - I'm taking exception to the idea that all of them are.

    I think these days, Anglo-Saxons in Britain are regarded as British indigenous. Although it is indeed true that the definition of indigenous changes over time. I'm also fairly sure the BNP acknowledges this - IIRC, part of their concern with vast influxes of immigrants is that their culture clouds/obscures our own, while the relatively small numbers of immigrants several decades ago was tolerated much better culturally because there were sufficiently few of them that they were forced to 'integrate' into our society, rather than essentially setting up their own society alongside ours, which is what is happening now.
  7. Dolph

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    We're not talking about voters, but about members, it is certainly more likely than not that they are racist, because there are other parties offering similar policies (eg UKIP) without the racial element.

    You're kidding yourself, the issue, as clearly stated in the constitution, is that their skin colour is not white, nothing more or less.
  8. semi-pro waster

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    The problem with that view is that there are other minority parties who share many of the same views as the BNP on the environment, some on immigration, some on monetary policy or withdrawing from the EU etc etc. However the BNP's main distinguishing feature is their views on race so why pick a party which has many other policies in common with another party except race unless race matters to you?
  9. miniyazz


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    While I see your point, it's not quite as simple as saying "these other parties have these other policies; why didn't you join them?", because clearly you cannot join more than one party, and if the BNP is the party that integrates several policies from different parties (e.g. environment from Tory, economic from Lib Dem, foreign from UKIP), and those are the policies you believe in, then it will perhaps make sense to give your support to the BNP over any other one party.

    Once again, I'm not refuting that BNP members are more likely to be racist than not, just that I consider it highly unlikely that every BNP member is racist.

    That may well be so. My thoughts on it are that skin colour is a representation of culture.. caucasians will almost certainly be of very similar cultures, while those of different skin colour will likely be of a very different culture. Obviously there are exceptions to this.. IIRC, did the BNP not have an Asian councillor or two a few years ago?
    Anyway, I don't know enough about the topic to construct a valid argument, so I'll leave it there.

    OT, but I did just find this Daily Mirror article here that I found rather amusing :D
    To quote the article,
    I just find it comical that this is the worst thing they can say about him. It's out of context, but they took it out, so it can't have been in regards to anything particularly inflammatory. Now I thought sneering was a facial expression not a way of talking.. but I guess they think it makes it sound almost like he won party support for doing something bad.
  10. G_Wizz


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    Its quite simple really, you can vote LibLabCon and in 30 to 100 years time Britain will be a third world wasteland somewhat like Bangladesh or Somalia or vote BNP and hope to stop it and maintain the British way of life.

    The sad thing is that we are faced with this stark choice, if any of the other Parties had listened to the concerns of the British people since mass immigration started in the 1960's there would be no need for the BNP.
  11. Tefal

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    And watch as the BNP run the economy and other sectors into the ground?
  12. waxapple


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    I'm glad everyone in the uk isn't exactly the same.
    Plus, you wouldn't have Italian restaurants, kebab shops, etc at anywhere near the same level if immigration wasn't allowed.
    I'd hate to think what sort of backwards state we'd be in without integration, when the rest of the world did it.

    Imagine what would've happened without people coming from overseas, you wouldn't even be here today, potentially, unless you're Welsh ;)

  13. Justintime


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    Yea i don't get why people think we 'ethnics' get away with everything. If anything i've found the police tend to take a harder line with me and try to do me for anything they can tbh although they've always failed as my nose is cleaner than intels clean room. :D
  14. RDM


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    Maths and reality would suggest otherwise but don't let those nasty things get in your way. On the other hand we could all vote BNP and turn the country to total rubbish before their first term had ended.
  15. cupidstunt


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    Unlike Labour of course !